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Receive a text message anonymously?

Receiving a sms anonymously can be very annoying. Especially if it contains something nasty or if it concerns some form of scam, where people will steal your money. For example, you will receive a message that you would have won something. Still, it’s not entirely fair to say that a text message that is anonymous is always wrong. You can also send such a text message with a nice warm message. For someone you can’t tell in person for whatever reason.

For your one and only Valentine

For example, Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to text anonymously. On this day you can send your secret love a message. Without that person will ever be able to determine that it came from you. It could just be that the timing isn’t right yet. Then such an anonymous smsmessage is useful.

Not nice messages

It is of course also possible that, as indicated in the introduction, you do not receive such nice messages. Sometimes people are even bullied that way. Very childish of course and very bad. Is it really getting out of hand with the messages? Then you can choose to block anonymous messages.

To block

On iPhone, you can block messages by opening the text message from the number and tapping the sender’s number. Click the info icon (i). Then you have to click on the phone number under the ‘details’ window and choose: block this caller, block contact. Do you have an Android phone? Then you have to tap the three dots in the top right corner of the phone app. There you choose ‘Settings’. Then you can tap on ‘block numbers’. Then choose the number you want to block. This way you get a lot quieter, which is nice if you receive a lot of spam messages.