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Increase your online marketing effectiveness with an attribution solution

Google Analytics is a valuable analytics tool to monitor data, but it may not be the best for attribution purposes. There are two downsides to relying on Google for the interpretation of your data. One is that Google’s program can take a long time to analyze data, so changes in your e-commerce site could have an impact on customer purchases. The other downside is the limited amount of data you can get from Google Analytics. Google is a must in digital marketing. Google Analytics is an excellent free tool that allows businesses to collect data. Yet, there are two downsides to relying on Google for data interpretation. Namely, how do you know if you’re interpreting your data correctly? And how do you know when there’s a problem with your website? The answer is simple: You need to use an analytics platform that allows you to collect, analyze, and monitor all the data. So what do you need for a right attribution solution?


Google Analytics is not independent, and this presents a challenge. Knowing why Google Analytics is showing you insights and not others is crucial to understanding and utilizing this program. It’s important to be aware that Google Analytics wants you to spend your budget on them. Google Analytics is the go-to tool for most marketers, but it isn’t perfect. For one, it doesn’t offer all the features that Odyssey Analytics offers. Google Analytics wants you to use its services and spend your budget with them, so Google can’t be completely unbiased. Be aware of any biases before using Google Analytics. Besides Google Analytics, Salesforce attribution is also something up for discussion. Ideally, you would have both worlds connected. 


Google is not transparent when it comes to multi-touch attribution. You will never know how they arrived at their insight. Odyssey is completely transparent, and the formula that we use to calculate the incrementality per traffic source can be found in our interface which can be accessed from any device. Google Analytics is a necessary but problematic tool. It is packed with insights, but it is not an impartial third party. Google has many other interests besides your company, so be cautious. For example, Google may show you information that specifically benefits them, like the reports in their other service Odyssey.