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Simple and affordable methods of persuasion and coercion

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Tony Ryton, author of Convincing in a Minute. 10 Steps to Achieving the Goal ”, brought out several effective recipes that help build the right relationships with people and teach not to give in to difficulties at the time of negotiations at various levels.

Learning to communicate properly by email or the basics of email marketing

To effectively use persuasion techniques in email correspondence, you first need to evaluate the language in which the message is written. Examine the direction of the words used consistently in the message. In what way does this person perceive the world around him? This person can be an auditory (perceives better by ear), visual (perceives visual images better) or kinesthetic (tactile perception prevails). Each type of people uses their own characteristic words both in writing and in speaking. For example, a visual can write like this: “I saw your letter …”. The audial will write: “… I heard you.” Kinesthetic: “Your letter made me feel happy …”.

Now that you understand which person wrote you a letter, change your language so that, accordingly, visual, audio or material terms predominate in it.

Use softening to make your requests and orders more palatable. Examples: “I’m interested”, “maybe”, “probably”, “maybe”.

Ask a few questions or make a few statements that will certainly lead to the answer “yes”. Be careful. After the third question or statement, it is worth asking exactly the question for which you want to hear “yes”.

Make it impossible to say no. Ask an “either / or” question or questions that contain assumptions that cannot be answered “no”. “How interested are you in buying this product?” “How much better are you feeling today?”, “Are you going to use this technique right now or a little later?”

These are the most basic principles of persuasion that work great in email communication.

We “pump” social networks!

To make yourself more visible on social networks and get as many responses as possible in response to your post, you need to end it with a question. You can ask friends to comment and answer some of the questions / answers of your posts. All this engages them in communication and stimulates the growth of responses, making your page more visible. Support your request with persuasive words so that your friends and acquaintances are more willing to give feedback on your publications. 

Make yourself more attractive. Take advantage of the copy partner choice technique. If you are single, try to be in the company of outwardly attractive people in the photos posted on the page. The results of the study showed that potential partners, after viewing photos, will perceive you as a more desirable partner.

Successfully pass an interview and receive a good salary

When interviewing, always try to demonstrate your worth to the employer. Tell us how you can really be useful to this company. Be sure to also talk about your past successes. Thus, it will be much easier for you to convince the employer that by hiring you, he will make the right choice.

When doing interviews, try to be confident. If you’re feeling stiff and insecure, it’s best to admit it to your future boss right away. This will release your inner tension and allow you to communicate more comfortably.

After you’ve successfully completed your interview, start building relationships with your coworkers. Show a genuine interest in what your colleagues are doing. Take time to chat outside of office hours. This will allow you to better strengthen your workplace, increase respect in the eyes of your superiors and allow you to qualify for a salary increase in the future.

We make effective presentations

Write down short excerpts of your presentation in advance. When you make a mistake, stop without stopping the recording and go back to the previous sentence that failed. Do this until everything works out right. This will double your presentation.

Fill your presentation with a real story (case), make it special and unique.

Focus on giving more credibility to a few key sentences in your presentation. To do this, speak more slowly, with lower intonation in key “commands.”

How to close the deal correctly?

In order to increase sales in your organization, it is important not only to build the right dialogues, but also to be able to complete the deal on time.

At that moment, when you want to close a deal, use the “shared car” technique. Refer to those who have already done something and how happy they are (“This phone model is very popular for its reliability and excellent technical characteristics!”).

Turn to snobbery. Try to use this approach as opposed to where the product deliberately stands out as something inaccessible to the mainstream buyer. For those who do invest in it, this will give a sense of status and exclusivity.

Start your watch. Make an offer for a limited time, set a deadline for completion or availability to purchase an item at a specific price.

If you feel like closing a deal, focus on reaching smaller but binding agreements. This can further lead to a big contract.

Don’t desire something too much. Value yourself and your time, act with confidence and self-respect.

How to convince a child?

All parents know perfectly well that children are sometimes very capricious. At such a moment, it is simply impossible to convince them that at the moment you just need to obey you. To avoid these situations, read the simple rules of persuasion and communication with your child.

If you put forward any requirements to the child, always be consistent, adhere to the rules and routine.

Use threats selectively and only as a last resort. Be enthusiastic about making cleaning (or other activities) a game.

Ask your child calmly and firmly at the same time. Use persuasive words so that the child understands that it is simply impossible not to fulfill your request.

Reward good behavior and always ignore bad behavior (up to the point where it can still be ignored).

When your child really disappoints you, make him understand it. If he has feelings of guilt about bad behavior, there is a chance that he will behave differently next time. But here, too, you need to understand a clear line so that this feeling of guilt does not greatly suppress the psyche and could not develop an inferiority complex.

And finally, the most important and easiest way to influence people is the ability to listen and come to a compromise.

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