NBA Live Mobile – Advanced Auction House Guide

NBA Live Mobile auction house is a game feature that enables players to trade items. It is also the best way to earn coins. Players usually scout for low priced items, buy them and resell them to gain profit. To do this as efficiently as possible it’s necessary to understand how auction house rounds or refresh timer works.

NBA Live Mobile has a daily restart system that resets live events and the auction house. This normally happens in the morning at 09:00. This means that at 9 AM new items (players cards) will appear in the auction house. Those are the latest items listed by players. Some of them will sell, some will not. To resupply the auction house with new items, NBA Live Mobile refreshes the auction house and adds new auctions to fill in the empty spots. This happens once every five minutes and a bit. While there’s no official confirmation, and it’s highly unlikely to ever see one, the refresh timer is five minutes and one second. So the first refresh comes at 09:05:01, the next one at 09:10:02 and so on.

Every time, five minutes and one second are added to the latest refresh time. Clever NBA Live Mobile players have figured out this refresh schedule and shared it with the community. Players that want a good deal should check the fresh batches because that will allow them to make some nice acquisitions for a low amount of coins. Those who are not fully familiar with the refresh timers can make a quick schedule with the refresh hours. Some go as far as putting alarm notifications to make sure they don’t miss the new players batch.

This method is a good way to earn nba live mobile coins but its biggest disadvantage is that it requires constant auction house surveillance and that takes time. There are lots of ways of getting NBA Live Mobile coins by taking part in game modes so players don’t have to rely on the auction house. All game activities reward players with coins or packs so at the end of the day everyone can find a satisfying played hours/rewards ratio.